Playing fair


The writings and art on this blog include the following categories:

  • About the bunny (to explain his origins)
  • Memories (stories based upon personal recollections)
  • Other scribblings (poems, random thoughts)
  • Stories (short stories posted in installments)

All are written by the author; art is by the author/artist also, unless otherwise credited.


References to any person(s) living or dead are purely coincidental.  These stories and memories are the result of intentional fictitious writings dreamt in the twilight of my imagination.


This blog, A blue bunny, at is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Excerpts of less than 50 words may be quoted only when attributed to the author/source. No use is permitted for commercial reasons. For more information, please refer the DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act and subsequent updates.

Fair Use

Under the  U.S. Fair Use Guidelines, material posted on is attributed to the source, to best of this author’s ability and included for informational purposes, not commercial or to garner profit.

Material may be used for educational purposes only when following the appropriate use of bibliographic documentation.


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