faces of the moon

Once upon a time, there was a dog whose heart was so good that his coat glimmered like gold.

His bark was so pure that his muzzle was white like the snow.

His devotion was so true that his eyes shone like the stars.

When he was happy, his tail wagged furiously that the leaves in the trees would sway to and fro.

When he was content to lie at his master’s feet, the air was so still that the crickets sang in time with his beating heart.

But, he knew that he was old, and would soon die.

He saw the sadness of his master and said to him, “My master, though I will die soon, I will never leave you…

Every day when you see the golden sun,

Or walk through the shimmering white snow,

Or gaze at the evening star,

Or watch the leaves in the trees dance,

Or hear the cricket’s song,

I will be with you.”

And the master put his arms around his wonderful dog,

And was content.

I have come to believe that the best way to learn a style of writing is to mimic others who one admires.  I wrote this many years ago (using a typewriter – that’s how long). It was a tribute to our first Golden Retriever, Amicus,  out of the three we have loved through the decades. It was completely and utterly inspired by Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.  The timing coincided with my attempts to learn the Italian language. So, thinking that it would be good practice for both writing and language, I wrote it in Italian.  I will include that version as a postscript.  And, yes, I am well aware of how poor my Italian writing is!

C’era una volta, c’è stato un cane chi ha avuto un cuore qual’è stato molto onesto che la sua pelliccia è brillavata come d’oro,

Il suo abbaio è stato molto chiaro che il muso è stato bianco come la neve,

Il suo affetto è state molto reale che glie suoi occhi sono lucidati come le stelle,

Quando è stato felice, la sua coda agitasse furiomente che le foglie negli alberi oscillassero su e gìu.

Quando è stato content sdraire aipiedi del suo padrone l’aria fosse molto calmo chi I grilli cinguetassero nel tempo con la ronda del suo cuore.

Lui ha conosciuto che è stato vecchio e lui morira presto.

Ha veduto la tristezza del suo padrone, e lo ha detto,

“Il mio padrone, benchè morirò presto no t’abbandonaro mai.

Tutti giorni quando  vedrai il sole d’oro o camminerai nella neve bianca,

O sembrerai alle stelle di notta,

O guarderai le foglie che oscilleanno negli alberi,

O ascolterai I canti di grilli,

Starò con ti.”

E il padrone si e abbraciato il suo cane meraviglioso,

E è stato contento.

cp ©©2012


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