Outer Banks



I will carry my burdens to the sea.

To the sea I will supplicate myself.

I will lay my self gently upon the sand with

all I have carried these two years since we last met.

I will lay down my fears and

the tide will carry them,

carry these burdens to the deep.

They will sink into the dark, into the deep,

into the center of stillness.


And on some other day,

during some other year,

should I have the strength, far from now,

far from the surface, from the sun,

from the light, I will dive

down, down into the deep

and recover what I cannot treasure in these moments.

But for now I will carry my burdens to the sea.

I will let the tide carry them away while I,

with a light step, walk along the surface and

feel the sun upon my face.

cp ©2012

A series of monoprints were printed using images painted on wooden blocks with the Vandercook 4 Press as a collaboration between myself and Ian Curry,  printer.


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