the family room


house 2

Grace is here right in this room

among the noise of the game shows, and

the banging of the pots and pans –

among the disorder of our lives.

No dimly lit churches. No

voices raised in quiet song.

No rosary beads grasped to ensure our futures.

Grace is here right in the room.

Right here, sitting with me.

The mundane is the sacred – the

family room, my holy place.

This was written many years ago, when our children were young.  We were always together in the evenings either doing homework at the “homework table,” watching Jeopardy, and especially, the boys playing underfoot a game they invented, “spoon hockey,” as I cooked dinner in our combination kitchen/family room. During this season of Advent, it is important for me to remind myself of all the gifts that have been given to me.


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