a time to question oneself


I always find that these winter months are a time when I hunker down emotionally and physically.  Like the cycles of seasons, the time of quiet and stillness lends itself to reflection.  Reflection without judgment or guilt.  Reflection giving room for a personal Spring.

This piece was done in 2007, and it is still relevant in my life today.  It is not that I do not love what I do; rather, it is not who I am.

pen and paper 002

Printed in Summer, 2007 at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Handmade paper, image, and text by Tina Hudak.  Letterpress on a Vandercook Proofing Press using original Optima Sans Serif typeface; printers, Tina Hudak and Beth Schaible.  Initial woodblock letter is hand pressed and hand coloured by TH.

Not-to-be-Eaten Editions. 12 prints with 4 AP.

Dedicated to Delia Neuman and Sarah Pillsbury.


2 Responses to “a time to question oneself”

  1. Mridubala Says:

    I loved this! I concur with what you said about the season, loved that piece of poetry too


  2. cp Says:

    I do miss the snow, though; we have had almost none. I find a good snowstorm makes these feelings visible!


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