always an open door


This is dedicated to all those with incurable diseases of the eye who are so brave and continue to live their lives to the fullest, and to the blessed dogs (and their trainers) who not only bring sight, but dedication.

Always an open door

If I should become blind, I will apply for the job of Medium.

I will post a sign in my window for others to see.

You know these signs.

You see them in the windows of shabby row houses,

as you drive down a busy through-street.

You ask yourself out loud, “Who would go in there?”

I will see with my heart and my touch.

Tips of my fingers, the beats of

my personal drum will tell all.

I will wear scarves wrapped around my head.

I will drape long, soft ones around my neck.

I will become

Mrs. Whatsit incarnate.

Yes, I definitely will become a Medium.

When I reach out to you, running my fingers

over your hands or face, you will slowly sigh.

You will return with flowers for me to smell.


©Tina Hudak, 2013


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