One Summer Day.1


drawing of fireplace The sun rose early on that scorching summer morning.  The cicadas had been chanting incessantly as Sarah bustled around her kitchen. Sweat poured down her back, her old flaxen dress already soaked with it.  A little boy played quietly with her wooden spoons, keeping a measured distance.  She had been up half the night with him, soothing his childhood fears.  He had recurring nightmares of two boys fighting: one killing the other.  As she wiped her forehead with her sleeve, she could not help wondering where he ever got these wild and haunting images.  God knows they lived in such a remote place that visitors were almost unheard of, and her husband would see anyone heading their way easily from miles away.  She hoped he would outgrow these night frights soon. She could not go another night without sleep, whether from the heat or this boy.  She was exhausted.  It showed in her bearing and her face.  Shoulders slumped. Dark grey shadows under her eyes.

Her husband trod carefully this morning. Leaving his sandals outside to appease his wife’s frustration with the constant dirt on the homestead, he greeted her with a tentative smile.  “Sarah, my love, why not spend some time alone this morning?  I am happy to watch Isaac today.” Keeping her back to him as she furiously wielded the knife cutting herbs and greens, she could not muster the angry voice to match her fury.  “Watch Isaac!  Ha! Some strangers will enter our village, and you will get into another one of your philosophical conversations. The last time these went on forever.  You’ll forget Isaac is even there!  Only God know what he’ll get into?  Playing those stupid war games with that woman’s son again, and coming home covered with bruises.  You’ll watch Isaac!  Ha!”

end of Part 1


One Response to “One Summer Day.1”

  1. bdh63 Says:

    Ah, the bliss of married life. 🙂


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