One Summer Day.2


drawing of fireplaceAbraham sighed. He was a dutiful husband and father. He knew that it was his duty to listen to Sarah, and bear her tirade. After all, had he not chatted it up with those strangers – who knew exactly what to say and how to say it – none of this would have happened. It seemed like such a good idea at the time – a child, their child. Now it did not seem to matter how many times he told her that she was his first wife, and he loved her above all others. It always came back to Hagar and her son. He half-closed his eyes, sat on his favorite rug, and continued to listen.

“…I don’t understand why you keep her. You don’t stay awake long enough to enjoy her! God knows that she is good for nothing else. Why just the other day she was here, in my kitchen, using my best oils and herbs for those odious scents she smears on herself. Do you know what myrrh costs us? An Egyptian, Abe! Really! It is just too much for me to think about sharing your wealth with Isaac and her son. I didn’t go through this childbearing and these sleepless nights so our son could be usurped by this pagan. I am too old for all of this…either she goes or I do!”

He knew Sarah was beyond reasoning with now. Imagine, an ultimatum! This jealous streak of hers would drive him to an early grave. Closing his eyes, he slowed his breathing, sat with utter stillness amid her icy silence, and pondered his situation. Why did God have to give them a child, anyway? Life was calm before all this motherhood business. Despite all their years together he still felt a quiet excitement run down his spine at the touch of her hand; her scent of rosemary filled him with desire. But all she did was complain endlessly, about housework, child care, money. He could no longer get close enough to even touch her. Those damn angels!

end of Part 2


One Response to “One Summer Day.2”

  1. Sally Rieger Says:

    Hi, Tina,

    I just re-read the blue bunny posts I had read before, then decided to read every one of them in order. Oddly, this was inspired by Google transforming my e-mails into categories. “Oddly” because Google’s action seems so machine like to me and devoid of what is close to the heart, but then again the result was that I found myself completely immersed in each of the gem-like worlds you created as you reminisced or mused. And I continue to love the art work, Tina – so beautiful. Guess “Social” and “Promotions” have their place after all.


    On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 1:40 PM, A blue bunny, memories & stories of


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