One Summer Day.end


drawing of fireplaceAbraham realized that he had been duped.  Taken in with words because of those persuasive voices, and stunning beauty.  Simple in their dress, it was the angels’ luminescent eyes, lilting voices, and easy familiarity that had drawn him into their web. If only he and Sarah had a girl instead of this sweet-tempered boy.  Yes, a girl…there would be no problems. No worries about inheritance and sharing.  She could have married Hagar’s son, after all.  Sarah and Hagar would have been pleased.  No animosity. No petty arguments within the household. His life would truly have been blessed.  The angels brought him nothing but grief! He felt too old to assert himself with these women any longer. He needed time away from the women.

It was then that he decided he was going to the mountains and beg the heavens for a solution, or at least a respite from all the bickering.  Yes, the mountains.  He would ask his God for advice to settle things once and for all.  Slowly pulling himself up, he walked past Sarah without speaking. He could feel her anger directed straight at his back.  With a slight turn of his head, he gave her a weak smile while he fastened the lead on his favorite donkey.  As he was walking away from the house, he heard her shout out in a shrill voice, “For heaven’s sake, take Isaac with you!”

This simple bit of writing was an assignment during a writer’s workshop. Each participant was assigned a reading from the Christian Bible (according to Wikipedia – 11:26-25:18 of the book of Genesis), and asked to write a story from a particular view point.  Not having a theology background, I called upon my immediate experience as a mother of two energetic, young boys.  Imbuing “Sarah” with feelings of an older mother, and “Abraham” with a father out of his depth, this was the final piece.  I apologize in advance to all “older” parents, as I KNOW this is not representative of everyone!



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