Summer Reading.Artist’s book


a small book

a small book

Toward the end of May, the art teacher at our school gave me a small selection of decorative papers, and said to me, “Here, I know you will do something with these.” These have been sitting on my drafting table since that day; I finally decided to do something. How could I face her in September without having tried? I will admit to you here, that working as a full-time school librarian leaves me little energy or time to continue to make art. Summer offers me a bit of time to return to the profession I loved for twenty years.


Used booklet, Peer Gynt, 6” x 3.5” purchased for 25₵ (previously priced at 50 Pfennig)

Decorative paper

Wood slats for bookbinding – Ikegami, Kojiro.  Japanese Book-Binding: Instructions from a Master Craftsman. New York: John Weatherhill, Inc., 1986.

Watercolor of an English robin, monoprints (by me)

Unique handcut & designed stencils (by me)

Acrylic paints

Old calligraphy scraps from my previous projects

Selection of bookbinding tools


Deconstructed the book; kept together a core group of pages for folding, and maintained the original height of pages, but modified the length.

Re-imaged the watercolor and monoprints; reproduced these on the book pages and handmade papers

Stenciled images, collaged prints on the book pages, covers, and wooden slats

Adapted and adulterated the traditional 4-hole Japanese bookbinding technique

This one simple project brought me back in touch with a life I led for twenty years.  As a working artist, my hours revolved around visual imagery, pondering materials, reading poetry, and spending hours (where I lost track of time) trying, failing, trying again, and succeeding in making something I liked. Here is a thank you to my art teacher for giving a bit of my past back to me this summer.


Peer Gynt


variety of tools

one page

one page



Bound, back cover

bound, back cover


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