a teacher’s thanks


He has what it takes to be a good teacher – compassion, a comfortable manner, humor, and the ability to zero in on what is important.

This was included in a reflection written about my “too-quick” judgement of a particular student I teach.  This morning I am reflecting, once again, on my own teaching style.  While this may be obvious to others, I have come to realize that teaching is an extension of one’s essential self.  It changes spirally as one’s own development changes throughout the years.  As the decades pass for me, and I observe the shifts in myself, and I ponder what I am offering to my students. I find that when I am thwarted in my efforts to offer what I think is my best, I plunge into a rejection of myself, as teacher.  I am unable to look at myself as teacher, objectively – removed from the “academic” imprint from the educational system.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for seeing beyond a label – whether it is as a student or a teacher – to be grateful for the ability to change, grow, and to zero in on what is important in life.

My husband's great-grandfather as a young student.

My husband’s grandfather as a young student.


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