Gentle summer



A gentle summer morning. Cool breezes brought in by the summer storms remain, and even a blue, couldless sky does not dampen my enthusiasm for the outdoors.*  I am not sure what makes one begin to appreciate one’s life. Today, I do. The flowers are spectacular this summer. Brilliant. Wild. I never take this for granted as we are surrounded by majestic ‘black walnut‘ trees. tree canopyWhen we found our house more than thirty years ago, we knew nothing about plants, trees, or gardens. The yard was a disaster. Year by year it has been tended, sometimes ruthlessly; others, with a soft touch. Always with the black walnut tree’s preferences at the heart of our decision-making. It is a fickle tree. We are limited with plantings. No vegetable garden for us. Yet, I can feed the bees and the birds, the insects and the gastropods. The cats sleep in the sun underneath the fronds and leaves. A consolation.

But, today! Today. Joy. Celebrating the sun, the sounds of cicadas, birds yelling at the cats, and the occasional hummbingbird at the trumpet vine.

*It is known by many that I prefer the Cornish weather – damp and gray, moving clouds – wind, not breezes. Could this be why I prefer to read books and view films with this backdrop?

The Uninvited 1944, black & white film was my introduction to Cornwall.  I fell in love with it. Currently, the PBS series, Poldark appeases this need for “weather,” although there has been too much sun for my tastes! Addendum: both are based on books – Daphene DuMaurier and Winston Graham.


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