Father’s day in the garden



blue19 June 2016

My dear father,

The weather is sublime this morning. Sun, but cool in the shade of our wrap-around porch – the one where you smoked your cigar during the last visit. Blossoms share not only their delicate forms, but the hours in which they parade themselves before the eye. The day lilies – creamsicle orange – are fading as the beebalm’s brilliant cheddar-cheese yellow shouts their arrival.

But, dear father, it is the greens I love. Hues and shades from the ocean’s blue-green imbued in the giant hostas to the lemon-lime of creeping jenny. Green is steadfast. One is secure in the knowledge that it always returns; underneath the hard, frozen ground, green persists.

Green is hope for the faint-hearted; for love’s skeptic. Green is the father who always comes home to his children.


Dedicated to Joseph Thaddeus Hudak, 1907-1998. Always loved; always missed.

dad 001

My father visiting our newborn son, Jack, at Allentown Hospital, October 26, 1989.


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