About the artist

During the mid 1970s calligraphy introduced Tina Hudak to the arts while pursuing a graduate degree in other academic areas. Employment at one of the major calligraphy studios in Washington, D.C. not only provided an income, but set her on a path to gain extensive artistic education in hand-papermaking, bookbinding, letterpress, and even letter carving.

She has studied intensively with some of the finest artists in their fields: Sheila Waters and Ieuan Rees, master scribes, Hermann Zapf, premier typeface designer, Richard Grasby, master designer & craftsman, Helen Frederick, founder of Pyramid Atlantic, Brad Freeman, master printer & book artist, Kathleen Amt, polymer clay & book artist, are among some of these.

As an active member of Pyramid Atlantic, Inc. (1980s), The Torpedo Factory and Dancing Paper Studio (late 1990s), Tina Hudak was fortunate to meet and collaborate with several artists. These long term relationships continue to inspire her work.

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