Years ago, ( and I mean a whole bunch of years) or let’s begin with, “Once upon a time” instead…a little girl was given a corduroy bunny, and from his ears to his sweet paws he was blue.  Every part of him was soft, so he was easy to hug without any parts poking into a shoulder, or a face.  But the best part of blue bunny was that he always had a smile.  Even after he had a terrible accident with the little girl’s sister (she didn’t mean to hurt him, so don’t be mad at her!), and had to go to the hospital (and now has a quite decorative tattoo!), he still smiling.  What a guy!

Of course, little girls grow up, and this one was no different.  Yet, blue bunny stayed with her – sometimes in a cupboard, or box hidden at the back of a closet. He waited and waited (like the little circle…) and his turn came around again.  Now, he sits out with other new friends in a bright, sunny room painted especially for the little girl (who is still little, but alot older).  He is still smiling (I told you that he is quite a guy!) because he is so loved.

cp, 2012


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