Rake & Gather – Book 2 in the Recycle collection

Rake & Gather (side 2)
Rake & Gather (detail)

This unique artist’s book is bound with adhesive and uses an accordion
format to express the words and art. Images were originally drawn with color pencil and pastel and incorporate calligraphic lines, then printed on an inkjet printer. Using collage, both sides of the pages are components of the whole. First in a collection of small artist’s books (5″x7″) using recycled materials. Design and binding, images, handmade paper, and verse all by the artist.

All the detritus. Stifling. Its pungent scent and
black-brown spores, Withered and toxic. Acid eats
away at the tender shoots. Bending to my will for 
these reasons to live.

Yes, pungent smells of decaying leaves lay among 
fungi.  I rake and gather. Over and over. 
It is all I can do to change the world

Rake & Gather: Book 2 by Tina Hudak © 2019.
Available for purchase. Please use the CONTACT FORM.
Hudak, Tina. Small Is the New Big Exhibition (Juried). Rene Soto Gallery, Norwalk, Connecticut, 2020.