Dogwood Dancing

Limited edition

detail of larger print

This piece in The Plant Series begins with Spring and the blooming Flowering Dogwood which is indigenous to Eastern North America, among other areas of the world.

This limited edition (10 prints approx. 8″ x11″) combines three distinct images into one, adding hand painting to each after printing. Each is printed one at a time using an inkjet HP Envy 6075 printer on Japanese rice paper. Original image of dogwood is hand carved, then hand printed, adding calligraphic lines with a pointed pen.

Three pieces remain available (2022)

This piece was included in the Georgetown Art All Night exhibition [September 2021].

Dogwood Dancing: The Plant Series BY TINA HUDAK. TAKOMA PARK, MD : NOT TO BE EATEN EDITIONS, 2021.

CONTACT FORM – Available for purchase $100 each includes shipping & handling.