This memento was created to honor the bond between a man and his dog, a golden retriever, Ellie. After a few interviews and memories of their time together, I chose words and images that encapsulate their special relationship.

Where has the time gone
like sand pouring through
an hourglass?

Sarton, May. House By the Sea. W.W.Norton & Company, 1981. Print.

The 5.5″ x 8″ artist’s book format with accordion, linen binding was used to accommodate display and storage requests. It is covered in linen cloth and uses grass stems from their visit to the beach. Using only handmade paper, pages are glued in and it is stencils with acrylic (very dry) and pastel. Calligraphy minimally adorns it with the last page allowing for a slip pocket with a photo reproduced on handmade paper and a clip of Ellie’s fur.

Ellie by Tina Hudak © 2008.