The Garment

A Tribute to May Sarton

Unique artist’s book (5.5″ x 10.25″) within a box (7.5″ x11.5″). Using hand-dyed, cotton, handmade paper with overlays of folded sections, the book is a single stitch binding. Pages vary in size with overlays highlighting the poem with stencils, machine-stitching, and antique, cotton woven rug pieces throughout the book. Free hand calligraphy express verse written by the artist as a thank you to the author.

This piece was included in an invitational exhibit in Maryland, the summer of 1995, and garnered a positive review from critics. May Sarton wrote a personal note of thanks for the accolades expressed through the poetry, a medium which was central to her life.

You are welcome to visit Tina Opines for comments on her writings.

The Garment by Tina Hudak. © 1995.