Possum Dreaming

Animal Voices series

This piece is an adaptation of my honey possum painting honoring the work of those zoologists and staff at Zoos Victoria who are saving Australian wildlife, including the endangered, mountain pygmy possum.

A limited edition (5 prints approx. 8″x11″) combines three distinct images into one, adding hand coloring after printing along with a dollop of gold leaf. Work is printed using an inkjet HPC4400 printer on handmade paper from a cotton blend fiber. Original imagery, rendered in gouache and pencil, and calligraphic lines using a pen, is digitally altered.

Included in the online magazine publication, Riggwelter Press, September 2020 Issue Twenty-Nine, p26.

Possum Dreaming: Animals Voices series by Tina Hudak. Takoma Park, MD : Not to be Eaten Editions, 2020.