Starlings In the Evening Bamboo

Variations: print & artist’s book

During the summer evenings one is able to hear the cacophony of starlings’ voices in our bamboo. Despite their dissonant sounds, it is soothing. These small works are my tribute to these commonplace members of the mynah [Sturnidae] family


One of two prints (8.5″x9″) is available. Artwork uses a hand-designed and painted pochoir, then each piece prints with overlays using an inkjet printer. Hand-coloring with ink, pencil and calligraphic lines are added afterwards. The paper is a cotton with minimal inclusions, and dried on rough wood to add texture.

Starlings Singing In the Evening Bamboo by Tina Hudak. Takoma Park, MD : Not to be Eaten Editions, 2020.

Artist’s Book

This artist’s book (2.5″ x 3/5″) is unique. Pages are made from fine linen and cotton, dyed, handmade paper. Using the imagery mentioned above, the art work is overprinted with subtle variations in color. Covers use “artist’s trading cards” and are a collage of hand drawn and colored art with calligraphy. Binding is linen fabric.

Starlings Singing In the Evening Bamboo, An artist’s book by Tina Hudak. Takoma Park, MD, 2020.