Summer Dreams

Depending on one’s point of view

This unique artist’s book (approximately (5″x 4″ closed) is printed on commercial, hand-pulled rice papers, and handmade cotton paper by the artist using an HP inkjet printer. Hand cut template for collage are over layered, along with calligraphic form using handmade inks by Birmingham Pen Company. Silk thread and found broken glass create the closure.

The small cards slip out to allow the reader to place each in the order appropriate for the time in his or her life. So too, can the reader create and add cards to the book bringing the personal into it. Extra blank cards & glassine envelopes are included. It is only fitting to note that dreams are neither good nor bad; it is the interpretation one assigns that matters in the end.

Hudak, Tina. Summer Dreams. A Blue Bunny Aritst’s Book, 2021. See, TinaOpines for commentary.

EXHIBITION: Summer 2022

Images of this book are included in Issue 10 of Variant Literature, online. We thank the editors for accepting the work.

Request to purchase, please use CONTACT FORM.

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