Many years ago, during a brief stint as a technology teacher, I was sitting in the basement of the school building (isn’t is always a basement??) within the walls of my cinder-block office and pondering things, as I do. While thoughts were firing off into the ether I inadvertently found myself tracing the computer mouse at hand onto a piece of plain white paper.

Later that week, I began to play with the basic shape during my lunch periods.

The mouse became my mouse. I felt such a fondness for this two-dimensional fellow that I brought him home. And, lo, these many years he has been living quietly in my file flats undisturbed. Until now, during the pause in my life while I once again ponder things. He is “outed” and here, I introduce him to you. He may be a little cranky, but he makes me laugh.

Be kind to him, dear reader.

Drawn with a black marker and colored with crayons in 2003.


Cleveland OH


The thing about being a teacher-librarian is that your students are always in your thoughts. Regardless of where you are. Regardless of the calendar. Whether it reads “closed for Spring vacation” or not, there they are. Front and slightly off-center.

A brief drive to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to “get away” proves no exception to my pronouncement. At the sight of artists’ hastily scribbled lyrics, notes, and even report cards, the only two words that popped into my head – visually I will add – are “primary documents.” Of course, the next hyperlinking thought went directly to my students – those lovable Bulldogs at St. Albans SchoolN.Young2.primary.jpg in Washington, D.C.

This is for you, my Bulldogs, young and even younger! Rock on.

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