Sweet Potato

Artist’s book

Sweet Potato (closed 4.5″x 4.25″) & potato sack
Sweet Potato (34.5″ x 4.25″ open)
Sweet Potato (detail)

Sweet Potato is an artist’s book, signed, kissed, & numbered in an edition of 350. The pages are offset printed using accordion folds. Each book is cut, bound, and covered individually; the paper is handmade and hand-dyed, and with a letterpress cover. The potato sack is hand-sewn and stamped.

This book is included in public collections at The Library of Congress, Harvard University Fine Art Library, The Baltimore Museum of Art, Rochester Institute of Technology, and in private collections worldwide.

I have a sweet potato

It’s too big for my hand

It will not fit into any dish, tho’ I push as hard as I can.

So, I put two arms around it and hug it, oh, so tight and

give a great big kiss to it before I say,


Sweet potato. [written and illustrated by] Tina Hudak. Takoma Park, MD : Not to be Eaten Editions, Washington, D.C. : Pyramid Atlantic, 1988.

CONTACT FORM Limited copies remain. Available for purchase with advance notice, as each book assembled individually by the artist.