This memento was created to honor the bond between a man and his dog, a golden retriever, Ellie. After a few interviews and memories of their time together, I chose words and images that encapsulate their special relationship.

The 5.5″ x 8″ artist’s book format with accordion, linen binding was used to accommodate display and storage requests. It is covered in linen cloth and uses grass stems from their visit to the beach. Using only handmade paper, pages are glued in and it is stencils with acrylic (very dry) and pastel. Calligraphy minimally adorns it with the last page allowing for a slip pocket with a photo scanned on handmade paper and a clip of Ellie’s fur.

Ellie by Tina Hudak. Copyright © 2008.
Sarton, May. House By the Sea. W. W. Norton & Company, 1981. Print.

This work is a commission and NFS.

The Wreck

Diving Into the Wreck, by poet Adrienne Rich, is iconic in many ways, and holds personal meaning. The screen displays my favorite excerpts.

Measuring 18″ x 12″ open, it is constructed of acid-free book board, and stenciled with water-based acrylic paint. Hand lettering and found objects are glued into place. Panels are joined with linen book cloth in a Japanese style.

The Wreck by Tina Hudak. Copyright © 1994
Diving into the Wreck: Poems 1971-1972 by Adrienne Rich. Copyright © 1973 by W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

This piece is available for purchase. Please use the contact form to inquire. Thank you.

Rake & Gather

Book #2 in the recycle series

First in a series of small artist’s books (5″x7″) using recycled materials.

This unique artist’s book is bound with adhesive and uses an accordion
format to express the words and art. Images were originally drawn with color pencil and pastel and incorporate calligraphic lines, then printed on an inkjet printer. Using collage, both sides of the pages are components of the whole. First in a series of small artist’s books (5″x7″) using recycled materials.

Design and binding, images, handmade paper, and verse all by the artist.

Rake & Gather (side 2)

Currently included in the juried show 2019 National Small Works at the Washington Printmakers Gallery in Washington, D.C. August, 2019.

Rake & Gather by Tina Hudak. Copyright © 2019.

This work is available for purchase through the Washington Printmakers Gallery. Please contact the gallery, if you are interested. Thank you.


This unique artist’s book uses the accordion fold format with Japanese hinging. The verse dictates the artwork consisting of watercolor and pastel on cold press watercolor paper. Imagery is hand drawn and colored with pastel and pencil; offset prints are incorporated into the page design. The recycled handmade paper is from Salim’s Paper in Jaipr, India. Clementine crates provide the book covers (shaped and sanded); the netting is used as a closure.

Joy! by Tina Hudak. Copyright © 2019.

This piece is available for purchase. Please use the contact form if you are interested. Thank you.