Selected Work & Subscription

Small gifts from the bunny!

Each miniature notebook, approximately 4-1/2″x 5,” is hand crafted by Tina Hudak. All are three-hole bindings & closures. Some include extra notepaper and/or inside pockets. All vary slightly in design.

Each Pocket Library is 6.75″ x 3.25″ with tiny notebook enclosed 2.5″ x3″. They are handcrafted from up-cycled artist papers designed to fit the back of a book for note taking.

Library Valentines use the same materials but allow you to request meaningful images and add a special note for your valentine. Doubles as a bookmark!

Price requested is $13 per item plus $2 shipping & handling & VENMO or GooglePay accepted

Droppings: a monthly zine ( published 2021-2022 only)
*There is no letter “J’ in the Latin alphabet.

Twelve-month, inkjet print, 3″x 4″ – 8 page, folded publication that highlights one artist or author (children’s & adult) of personal influence per issue. Each one pulls together facets/art/writing of the artist along with his/her influence on my own work, and resource for further reading.

Print subscriptions are $2 each or $22 per year (includes mailing)

Selected work from the Studio is available directly through Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Hyattsville, Maryland.
If interested in any purchase from the Studio, please see CONTACT page.

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