Kruh: an edition

High (Virtual) Five! Pyramid Atlantic Members’ Print Exchange

Kruh is an 8″x 6′ Inkjet print with multiple overlays on Canson Mix Media paper and hand drawn, calligraphic lines in sumi ink with pointed metal nib. The original art uses both color and graphite drawing pencils only.

The universal image of “the circle” represents wholeness and freedom. In the context of the Venn diagram, it visualizes where points meets and where points are separate. Combining images into a two-dimensional one represent the controlled states spinning on the axis of the fluid, calligraphic line.

As a metaphor during this time of COVID19, our world is struggling with chaos in a finite time and place limited to two dimensions. We are lacking the third, “projective space” (depth), allowing us perspective. The darker calligraphic line is the still point which must be organic and fluid in order for us to find our center on multiple levels during this pandemic.

The limited edition of twenty prints is committed to the print exchange (see below). Extra prints may be purchased through Pyramid Atlantic Art Center; I suggest that you follow their news through Facebook and Twitter.


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